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Financially stable

As invested by the public listed state-owned enterprise,we had very strong financial capital supported,so there is not any risk of the factory bankruption,as we know many LED factories closed in past years,for example the factory rocketsign just closed on August 2021 and many customers lose their money due to their unexpected close,the risk is very high especially the covid-19 and big shortage of driver IC chip ,so we could guarantee your safety of your capital and products line and afer-sales service etc..


Professional R&D Team to realize your ODM&OEM products line

We had very professional R&D team to realize all of your own products from mechanical electronics,products tooling ,accessories mass production,certificate,patent, all related testing etc..

More details and proposals about cost of products design and tooling could be discussed together.


Advanced production base

For example ,All of our SMT production line for led screen are higher level than most of other companies production line,we had X-Ray machine to test the PCB layers quality ,soldering quality ,driver IC and leds quality so that we could make sure the quality of electronic stability of led display.

We had two full black dark calibration workshops with certain humidity and temperature,with the Brompton HYDRA calibration camera purchased on 2020,we successfully did some big projects for studio and film industrial with all the products calibrations in our professional calibration rooms.


Best Cost Effective

Thanks to the high level production factory and advanced quality control process,We´re committed to provided you with the very high quality products with favourable price to make your investment high ROI ensured.


Payment terms support

With our mutual cooperation in some time,We could accept the sinosure payment terms wtih credit in some months payment later after the related evaluation of your company.


After-sales Support

The products warranty time 2years-5years,depends on different products and specification and we attached our warranty terms documents on our website SUPPORT-Warranty.

Also We could arrange the engineers in some countries directly to support you if needed.




    Shenzhen Factory Add:
    Building 6, Henglong Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Bao´an District, Shenzhen
    Dongguan Factory Add:
    No.15, Block 1, Fumin Industrial Park, No.688, Fumin Middle Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City