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Pre-sales Service

Our professional sales engineer will provide you with the installation environment investigation and evaluation,solution recommendations, Design and solutions are mapped out and engineers’ technical suggestions are provided.Customized design if needed,related proposal and technical drawing of installation frame will be provided in advance accordingly.


Sales Service

We’ll provide you with the timetable of the detailed production of your order if needed,also will take the pics and video related for reference,then the quality check procedures and records will be provided for tracking too,If needed, our experienced engineers can be assigned to provide professional installation guidance and free on-site technical training.


After-sales Service

We promise to provide lifetime technical support for all the products including LED cabinets, LED modules,Related parts and components, related accessories etc...More details will be found in our Warranty terms .
Calibration service can be performed by our engineers with our professional device.
Also we provide related documentation like: 
Installation and Maintenance User manual based on the purchased products
LED Display System data and power Connection Diagram




    Shenzhen Factory Add:
    Building 6, Henglong Industrial Park, Shiyan Town, Bao´an District, Shenzhen
    Dongguan Factory Add:
    No.15, Block 1, Fumin Industrial Park, No.688, Fumin Middle Road, Dalang Town, Dongguan City